Quality Quotes:

  • "Without armaments peace cannot be kept; wars are waged not only to repel injustice but also to establish a firm peace." - Martin Luther.


  • Brain Terminal - Many intelligent editorials and video reports by Evan Coyne Maloney. Site includes footage of extremist protests with interviews documenting what the far-left in the country actually believe - and it's worse than you think! As a conservative who also enjoys technology and amateur filmography, I'm really impressed by Maloney's work!
  • Cato Institute - Excellent source of intelligent constitutionalism. While I don't consider myself a libertarian and I don't agree with everything on this site (specifically their take on many national defense issues), they do have some excellent arguments and do a much better job of promoting small government than many Republicans do.

School Papers:

Senior Year of HS (2003-2004):

  • Apologetics:
    • "A Review of Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s Orthodoxy" - [html] [pdf]
    • "Response to Why I Am Not A Christian by Bertrand Russell" - [html] [pdf]
    • "The Worldview Evidenced in Looking For Goodness by Rebecca Jones" - [html] [pdf]
    • "Summary of Arguments in Anselm's Proslogium" - [html] [pdf]
    • "Summary of Arguments Regarding the Existence of God in Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas" - [html] [pdf]
    • "Summary of The Only True Apologetic by Charles Moore" - [html] [pdf]
  • English/Rhetoric II
    • "Public Education in America: Continued Incremental Reform or Complete Voucher Implementation?" - [html] [pdf]
    • "Automobile Dealership Advertisements on the Radio and how they are Counterproductive" - [html] [pdf]
    • "E.E. Cummings: The Impact of Unusual Form and Style on a Poem" - [html] [pdf]
    • "A Sociological Analysis of Selected Poems by Robert Frost" - [html] [pdf]
    • "Historical Fiction and Truth in War Stories" - [html] [pdf]
  • Physics
    • "Rhetorical Features of Galileo’s Two New Sciences" - [html] [pdf]

Junior Year of HS (2002-2003):

Sophomore Year of HS (2001-2002):

  • English
    • "Influential Inventions of the Middle Ages and Renaissance" (research paper) - [html] [pdf]
  • Theology

Freshman Year of HS (2000-2001):

  • English:
    • "Ancient Ships of the Mediterranean" (research paper) - [html] [pdf]

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