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Last updates:
10/10/05 - Updated my facebook profile pictures
9/17/05 - Updated my "About Me" page and posted an archive of my facebook profile pictures.
7/25/05 - Updated my "About Me" page and posted some drum videos. Oh, and My Movies has been updated quite a few times lately (now over 350).
6/6/05 - Wow, it's been a while. Updated movie info in About Me.
12/6/04 - Posted pictures from my church's Christmas dance party which I helped prepare for. Also updated My Movies (now at 289).
10/6/04 - Posted information about video projects as well as info and pics from my recent chroma key experiment.
7/15/04 - Finally updated My Movies. I'm hoping to add a subdomain to BrianFrantz.com for my video editing portfolio soon, time and energy permitting.
6/12/04 - Posted info and pics of my new home-built PC.
4/5/04 - BrianFrantz.com won the webthrower.com Bronze award! The award may be seen on the main BrianFrantz.com page.
3/31/04 - Added Brain Terminal link to Vault.
3/28/04 - Updated My Movies. (current total: 240)
3/25/04 - Added new links to Technology (to hotscripts.com and sourceforge.net).
3/19/04 - Updated About Me. Added Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis to favorite books and listed Avril Lavigne as a favorite music artist (ok, so the music is kinda weak...she's still got an amazing voice!).
3/14/04 - It's been a long time since I've updated! I just created a new site on the BF.com network: blog.brianfrantz.com. Hopefully I'll have time to post to it regularly. We'll see. It was also a fun php/mysql script to install.
1/26/04 - Added to Miscellaneous Humor page 3.
1/24/04 - Site files converted to PHP to make my life easier. Vault doubled in size (many new writings added).
1/17/04 - Updated My Movies page.
1/14/04 - Links updated.
1/7/04 - Updated About Me page (SAT scores, etc.).
11/30/03 - HomeStarRunner link added to Humor.
11/1/03 - Added Indespensible Programs to Technology.
10/30/03 - Added Indespensible Program to Technology.
10/17/03 - Added a bunch of pictures from Sean Hannity's "Hannity Fest 2003" live broadcast in Dallas.
10/14/03 - Added Joke to Other Humor.
10/11/03 - Added "The Plan of Salvation" and other minor updates to Scripture section. Electronics Recommendations added to Technology. Great Pro-America Songs list updated.
9/30/03 - Added Jokes and Recommendation system
()to Text Humor.
9/26/03 - Added "Links" category to Humor.
9/4/03 - "Favorite Other Music Artists" category added to About Me. Includes oldies, classic rock, and composers.
8/22/03 - Added "Dynamic Drive" link to Technology.
8/21/03 - "Historical Fiction and Truth in War Stories" school paper added to the Vault.
8/19/03 - Flash home page main graphic added.
8/18/03 - TOTAL SITE REDESIGN COMPLETE!!! Brand new navbar, background, layout, main site graphic (top), plus a brand-new feature: the "shout" bar on the right!
8/16/03 - "Technology Finds" page added.

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